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John Lewis: Get In The Way / For Impact Media Partners / PBS

The Educational Guide presents four standards-aligned lesson plans that include critical aspects of democracy, media, leadership, and civic participation. Lessons are designed for high school (with extensions for community college and ladders to middle school), complete with classroom handouts and activities. Modules Include: 

1. Getting in the Way: Students as Instigators of Change
2. One Person, One Vote: Protecting the African-American Vote
3. The Whole World is Watching: The Power of Media in Social Movements
4. Building the Ecosystem of Change: Leadership, Collaboration, and Consensus

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The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo Education Guide / For Impact Media Partners / PBS

This study guide uses hands-on activities to promote critical thinking about themes presented in the film The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo. Students explore the work and legacy of author and Chicano Movement activist Oscar Zeta Acosta, celebrating his accomplishments as a writer and lawyer, and grappling with his problematic behavior with women. Through Zeta Acosta’s story, students unpack concepts of discrimination, representation, identity and power.  Modules Include: 

1. What Is A Brown Buffalo? Self-Determination in Representation
2. Advocacy, Agency and Art: Civil Disobedience in The Chicano Movement
3. Against the Erasure of Women: Exploring and Uplifting The Chicana Feminist Movement
4. Why Did The Brown Buffalo Disappear? Challenging Cultural Whitewashing

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The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo Discussion Guide / For Impact Media Partners / PBS

La Raza was a Los Angeles-based bilingual newspaper turned magazine that amplified the voices of The Chicano Rights Movement between 1967 and 1977.  With a strong do-it-yourself spirit, the publication began as a tool for organizing, centering social justice, and featuring the work of, often self-made, photographers, journalists, artists and activists. This guide’s format and design has been inspired by La Raza’s aesthetics. Each section offers information, followed by methods for group engagement including questions for deeper thinking, activity suggestions, and suggested resources for deeper study.

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A Band Called Death / For Tribeca Film Institute

A Band Called Death tells the story of the Hackney brothers and how the discovery of their long-lost proto-punk demo tape led to their band's newfound popularity. This study guide was created for Tribeca Film Institute, and supports educators, administrators, parents, students, or just someone who wants to learn more about media literacy, to discuss the themes in the film. Modules include: 

1. Debunking Cultural and Societal Norms
2. Exploring Our Unique Identities and Personal Convictions
3. Defining Strong Relationships
4. Legacy: Past, Present and Future

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Monica & David / For Tribeca Film Institute

Monica & David explores the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome and the family who strives to support their needs. This study guide was created for Tribeca Film Institute, and supports educators, administrators, parents, students, or just someone who wants to learn more about media literacy, to discuss the themes in the film. Modules include: 

1. Understanding the History of Disability Advocacy
2. The Quest for Normality and Basic Human Rights
3. Questioning Assumptions and Confronting Fear of Difference
4. The Right to Love

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The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz 

After living nearly his entire life in New York City with false documents, burgeoning Finance professional Camilo Sanz receives a notice of deportation... This study guide aims to support educators in community centers, school-based programs and colleges to discuss the impact of immigration laws through narrative film. Modules include: 

1. The Characterization of Undocumentation
2. Part A: Learn About Immigration Policy
3. Part B: Respond Creatively
4. Part C: Advocate Through Action

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(Re)Igniting the Spark

This free workbook helps arts educators to reconnect to their work both inside and outside the classroom, and find the seams where their artistry and teaching mutually feed one another.

1. The Importance Of Dreaming
2. Getting Clear on the Why
3. Sparking: Mapping & Translating
4. Declaring Yourself an Artist
5. Horizontal Teaching & Collaborative Learning
6. Imaginative Lesson Planning

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Well&Often Lesson Plans.

The Well&Often Reader was a short-lived but vibrant literary magazine co-founded by Tishon Woolcock and Caits Meissner. A special part of the journal was the spotlight on education. Each issue’s pieces were used as the foundation of lesson plans, aimed at bringing current topics into the classroom with fresh, relevant literature. The lesson plans are archived here and span a breadth of topics.

Other Published Lesson Plans.  

Facing Stereotypes Through Graffiti, Teaching For Tolerance
Taking Ownership of Our Stories, Video & Poetry Lesson Plan for Tricycle Buddhist Magazine