Coaching & Professional Development.

Writing Coaching

Through a highly personalized process, I customize actionable steps that fit individual writer's needs and goals, and work closely with poets to develop custom exercises, practices and guidance on how to create their own personal best writing. 

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Professional Development

With arts management and administrative experience, as well as classroom expertise, I support organizations and community groups in arts-based team building, skill acquisition and problem solving. Working to develop and deliver engaging workshops through creative exercises and deep dialogue, sessions rely on a highly interactive model and are responsive to the group's identified needs. 

My topics have been wide ranging. Here are a few that exemplify this diversity:

  • Creative entry points for teaching writing and editing with students, curriculum scaffolding and nurturing a space vulnerable for brave sharing and creative risk taking in typically unsafe spaces (Community~Word Project)
  • Equity, inclusion and diversity training (The New School Drama).
  • DIY graphic design for community organizers and artists (The Laundromat Project and Harlem RBI).
  • Reviving teaching practice through the artistic identity (Partnership for Afterschool Education Conference, Urban Word's Preemptive Education Conference). Creative and art-based approaches to classroom management and staff team building (HipHop 4 Life, MoCADA, Good Shepherd Services).
  • Low-tech multimedia projects for 21st century skill support (DreamYard Project). Arts projects that support traditional classroom learning (Small School Consortium).